Social Structure, Issues and Public Policies.

Social Structure, Issues and Public polices in India and Telangana.


These are the topics that you need to study for your TSPSC Groups 1,2 and 3 Exam Papers. We will soon update you with the study material notes on each and every topic here :


1. Indian Social Structure:

Salient Features of Indian society:








-Middle class –

-Socio-cultural Features of Telangana Society.


2. Social Issues:

-Inequality and Exclusion:




-Violence against Women,

-Child Labour,

-Human trafficking,

-Disability and Aged.


3. Social Movements:

-Peasant’s Movements,

-Tribal movements,

-Backward Class Movements,

-Dalit Movements,

-Environmental Movements,

-Women’s Movements,

-Regional Autonomy Movements,

-Human Rights Movements.


4. Telangana Specific Social Issues:



-Devadasi System,

-Child labour,

-Girl child ,



-Farmer’s and Weaver’s Distress.


5. Social Policies and Welfare Programmes:

Affirmative Policies for SCs, STs, OBC, Women, Minorities, Labour, Disabled and Children;

-Welfare Programmes:

    — Employment, Poverty Alleviation Programmes; Rural and Urban, Women and Child Welfare, Tribal Welfare.



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