Telangana Current Affairs 23-25th February 2015

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Wholesale Price Index (WPI) becomes -0.39%.

Due to the frequent fall in the fuel prices, the Wholesale Price Index dipped to -0.39% in January 2015. A fall in inflation has also been there and it is 0.1% in last December. Negative WPI reflects the falling cost of production in the economy which also reflects in the consumer prices. Consumer price Index-inflation (CPI) hit 5.11% in January 2015.

What is Inflation?

Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services. Inflation is the % change in the value of the WPI on a year-on-year basis. In India, Inflation is calculated by taking the base of WPI.

Formula for Calculating Inflation:

(WPI in month of current year – WPI in same month of previous year)/ WPI in the same month of previous year * 100.

Why and how does it occur?

Inflation occurs due to an imbalance between demand and supply of money, changes in production and distribution cost or increase in taxes on products. When economy experiences inflation, i.e. when the price level of goods and services rises, the value of currency reduces. This means now each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services.

It has its worst impact on consumers. High prices of day-to-day goods make it difficult for consumers to afford even the basic commodities in life. This leaves them with no choice but to ask for higher incomes. Hence the government tries to keep the inflation under control.

Keeping aside the negative effects, a moderate level of inflation characterises a good economy. An inflation rate of 2 or 3% is beneficial for an economy as it encourages people to buy more and borrow more, because during times of lower inflation, the level of interest rate also remains low. So, the govt. and the central bank (RBI) always strive to achieve a limited level of inflation.

 What is WPI?

WPI represents the price of goods at a wholesale stage i.e. goods that are sold in bulk and traded between organisations instead of consumers.

WPI is used as an important measure inflation in India . Fiscal and Monetray policy changes are greatly influenced by changes in WPI.  In US, Producer Price Index (PPI) is used to measure inflation.

WPI is an easy method to calculate the inflation. Inflation rate is the difference between WPI calculated at the beginning and the end of a year. The percentage increase in WPI over a year gives the rate of inflation for that year.


TS and Maharashtra state CM’s meet

The two states have agreed on the inter-state projects to be completed and extended their support to each other. This would clear the deadlock of many projects that are pending, Devendra Fednavis and CM K.C.Rao has meet in Mumbai yesterday and decided to form a joint experts’ committee that will look into the matters of project issues concerning and to complete the process. It is a boon for the Telangana farmers for the better irrigation facilities. They agreed to finish the inter-state irrigation projects of Pranahita-Chevella, Ichampally, Lendi, Lower Penganga and several other check-dams across the Godavari river and its tributaries.


TS Pollution Control board Lab to be the Country’s best

The Telangana State Pollution Control Board (PCB) now not only can analyse the pollution levels but also, can ventilate itself and identify any compound and metal.

What it will do?

Can test Pollution levels in air and water, factory effluents, hazardous wastes and metal tests.

Rs.9 Crore worth equipment procured from Britain, Netherlands and other countries, funded by World Bank. These equipments include (GC/MS/MS) Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry for analysis of organic compounds including pesticides, a powerful quantitative and qualitative yool, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) for element analysis of materials and KF Titrator to determine the quality of water in sample.

What are major Pollutants of air?

Ozone,Carbon Monoxide,Nitrogen dioxide,particulate matter and Sulfur dioxide others.


Mumbai to become the 1st 24*7 Indian city to function

Maharashtra CM Fadnavis looking forward to make Mumbai city run 24*7, adding more colours to the night life and this would add the tourist destinations, huge revenue to the government and the non-residential areas like kala Ghoda, Nariman Point,BKC and malls will become Special Entertainment Zones.


Modi on “GHAR VAPSI”

Modi said that the Government will not tolerate violence against any religion. Speaking to a religion, anyone can practice any religion according to one’s own will.

Articles Related to Religion in the Constitution of India:

PART III:   Fundamental Rights of the Indian Constitution

The Articles from 25-28 deals with the Right To Freedom of Religion,

Article 25 – Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion

Article 26 – Freedom to mange religious affairs

Article 27 – Freedom as to payment of taxes for promotion of any particular religion

Article 28 – Freedom as to attendance at religious instruction or religious worship in certain educational institutions


Aero India 2015

PM Modi to open the Aero India 2015 air show and exhibition today at Air Force Station Yelahanka, Bengaluru to be held from February 18-22, 2015.

The theme is “Make in India”, the new Indian refrain that invites defence and civil aerospace manufacturers in the country.



 SHE TAXI Scheme to ensure women’s safety

What is SHE TAXI Scheme?

The Telangana Road Transport Authority’s (RTA), She taxi scheme is going to receive an additional training. 10 women drivers are chosen for its maiden taxi scheme. There is a panic button in the taxi, apart from the Global Positioning System (GPS) for constant monitoring. It is a move initiated to ensure women safety for women travelling in cabs. It was also a result of the UBER taxi’s no authorisation.


Shanta Kumar Panel recommendations

To Revisit the National Food Security Act

Gradually introduce cash transfers

Reduce coverage from 67% to 40% of population

Raise monthly quantum of rationed grains from 5kg to 7kg/ person

Link prices of grain sold through PDS to 50% of MSP

What is PDS,MSP?

PDS- Public Distribution System is an Indian food security system by Government of India and the states providing food and non-food subsidies for the poor. It includes staple good grains mainly like Wheat,Rice,Sugar and Kerosene distributing through the Public Distribution-Ration shops.

MSP- Minimum Support Price is a scheme by Government of India to safeguard the interests of the farmers in the season of Kharif and Rabi.

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