TSPSC Study Plan for Groups


As part of the preparation process, we advice to go through the best way implemented for a better outcome of the result. In this process, we start with the Group-2 and 3 Study plan that suites everyone. It also covers Group-1 Prelims syllabus. The study plan is same, but the time-table is different for the working professionals to the full time aspirants.


Target Group-2 2016 Initiative: 60 days of Action Plan for Group-2 Exam(November 12th and 13th.) *


Study-Plan for Group-1 (Prelims),Group-2 and 3:


As you all know there are 3 papers for Group-3 and 4-papers for Group-2; Let’s first choose the common and the easier papers to work out well, because one who studies Group-2 can easily do well Group-3.


Let’s first finish and work with Paper-I (General Studies and General Abilities) as it covers mostly the current affairs (events) which we will cover to the maximum. The rest parts will be covered based on content each part has. There are 11 parts in Group-2 Paper-I. We will cover half of the parts here i.e. will upload the documents in our website (mentioning you the best to read) and the rest are to be bought by you either online or offline. We recommend you some books to get through your preparation.



NOTE: Our preparation plan is purely syllabus oriented and aspirant friendly (because reading each and everything doesn’t make sense during preparation. We will cover to the maximum of the syllabus; we have in enough time period.)

Let’s start with Current Affairs – Regional, National and International and also International Relations and events (Covered here in our site on Telangana Current Affairs 2015 column. regularly)


So, you need not worry about 2 topics from 11, where your weightage of marks will be around 12-14% i.e. almost 20 marks of 150. We will upload others also, but if you follow www.manapsc.com you need not allot extra time for Current affairs. We will prescribe you the best books to be read, upload it and give a time based schedule to follow it. As we have very less time (guess the exam will be in 3 months), so you must concentrate more on it. Almost 90 days of preparation plan, and more 10 days for Revision and mock tests. This is how you can crack- Group-2 and 3 in 100 days, if you give your 100%.




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  • leader

    it take a big heart to help.thank you sir . good starting

    • ManaPSC

      You’re Welcome. Your comments and suggestions will help us to provide you the best we can.

  • Aspirant

    great initiative …….thanks for it…

    • ManaPSC

      You’re Welcome. Keep following us..

  • amrutha

    Sir i am starting from oct 1 , am i late?