TSPSC -Indian Polity Online Quiz 01

TSPSC Indian Polity online quiz on Historical Background and Making of the Indian Constitution.

Indian Polity quiz - History and making of constitution


You can find the TSPSC- Indian Polity bits,question and answers,study material and notes here.We are happy to announce that this a part TSPSC – EEP(Easy evaluation program.) which helps in your Group-1,Group-2 and 4 and other Competitive exams.


1. India adopted it’s National Flag on?


2. The Governor of Bengal was made “Governor-General of Bengal” in which act?


3. How many days it took to frame our Constitution?


4. The Constitution of India was adopted on?


5. The idea to frame the Indian Constitution was first came by?


6. Who was the First viceroy of India?


7. The Chairman of the Drafting Committee was?


8. The East India Company was established in the year?


9. The total expenditure incurred on making the Constitution is?


10. Who is the chief Architect of  Indian Constitution?




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  • ManaPSC

    Sorry, why do you need Cse (enng.) material for TSPSC Group-2, i think it’s not necessary. Once check with the syllabus.

  • ManaPSC

    Yes, it is. We will update

  • ManaPSC

    It is adopted during the meeting of Constitutent Assembly – 22nd July 1947 only

    • purna

      thanks for my correction