TSPSC Group-2 Question Paper 2016

TSPSC Group-2 Question Paper 2016: Paper 1&2

The Telangana Public Service Commission conducted the Group-2 exam on November 11th for Paper 1 and 2. The Question Paper of 3 and 4 will be conducted on Sunday i.e. on 13-11-2016. Many Groups aspirants have written the exam and the Question Paper Booklet is neither hard nor easy, based on the inputs of Students attempted the Paper;


The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today


With a good preparation you can achieve really a very good score.. Based on the Aspirants who have written the exam,we have analysed that exam the cut off Marks may go high. So, it is good to prepare well for the remaining papers 3 and 4.[basic concepts are very important for Paper 3.]


The Question Paper 1 – General Studies and General Abilities (Good Scoring Paper).

The Question Paper 2 – History,Polity and Society (Average Scoring Paper).



For the Aspirants, who missed to write the exam and for the one’s who want to check, How the Question Paper is? We are uploading you with few Question of the Group-2 Exam.


TSPSC Group 2 Question Paper:

PAPER 1 : General Studies and General Ability


  1. Who is called as the Father on Indian Space Programme?
    a. Vikram Sarabhai
    b. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    c. Homi J. Bhabaha
    d. Dr. A.S. Rao
  2. Alisagar Deer Park is located in the district of ?
    a. Medak
    b. Karimnagar
    c. Nizambad
    d. Adilabad
  3. The most extensive soil cover of Telangana State?
    a. Red Soil
    b. Black Soil
    c. Alluvial Soil
    d. Marshy Soil
  4. What is the meaning of the idiom “burn the midnight oil?”
    a. To study or work until late night
    b. Stealing something during night
    c. Extracting oil during night from oil wells
    d. Using Kerosene for lighting the lamps.
  5. What is the nearest meaning of the word ‘imminent’?
    a. Being important for a long time
    b. Likely to happen very soon
    c. Intermediary
    d. Immediately
  6. Three of these fours are in a similar and form a group.
    Sky,Fire,Water,Wind – Find the odd one?
    a. Sky
    b. Water
    c. Wind
    d. Fire
  7. Which letter will occupy the 100th position in the following series?
    a. P
    b. Q
    c. J
    d. I
  8. Pravara is one of the tributaries of ?
    a. Cuavery River
    b. Sthapathi River
    c. Godavari River
    d. Krishna River
  9. ‘Sakinalu/Chakinalu’ is a deep fried snack made of Rice four and?
    a. Fenureek seeds(మెంతులు )
    b. Ragi seeds(రాగులు)
    c. Sesame seeds(నువ్వులు)
    d. Mustard seeds(ఆవాలు)
  10. Mirja Ghalib,a famous urdu and persian poet was a comtenporary of ?
    a. Jahangir
    b. Akbar
    c. Bhahdur Shah Zafar
    d. Aurangazeb.


The Total Solved Question Paper with Answers will be updated As Soon As Possible….


Prepare Well For the Remaining Papers;


Be Confident, Success is going to be yours….


(Tip: Look the basics of Economy and Development, it will help you out…)




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