Telangana Current Affairs 19-21st February 2015

TSPSC: Current Affairs 19-21st February 2015


NOTE: It is on February 18th 2014(1 year back) the Telangana Bill passed in the Parliament of India. It best moment to celebrate that the new state is formed and we are now enjoying the fruits of the new state of Telangana. One dream that is going to fulfill dreams of millions of people is by giving them the jobs they needed, the water they required and the happiness they want to see.

Jai Telangana! Jai Jai Telangana…!!!


Remembering Dilshuknagar Blasts

It was on this day February 21st 2013 (two years back) , there was a bomb blast in Dilshuknagar area of Hyderabad, Telangana. Almost 18 were killed and 131 injured in the blast took place at the Bus Stop and the Anand Tiffins. Learning from the lessons the Hyderabad city police alerted and the city is now totally under CCTV Surveillance. Two IEDs were exploited here in the market area of Dilshuknagar. The local police gave the case to NIA and Indian-Mujahideen cofounder Mohammed Ahmed siddibapa alias Yasin Bhaktal and Asadullah Akhtar alias Haddi were caught and got arrested.

What are IEDs?

An IED(Improvished Explosive Devices) is a bomb that is generally used roadside by terrorist groups.



Telangana gets a Special Award for Green Energy Policies.

The new Telangana state is one among the 12 states getting best results from spending the funds of 13th five-year plan effectively and for the new innovations and thoughts made, The PM Modi praised the efforts made by the TS Government.The TS Minister for Power, Jagadish Reddy and energy Secretary received the award at the Non-Conventional Energy Resources Investors’ Conference held in New Delhi.


Telangana ‘Gandhi’ Bhupati Krishnamurthy Passes away

He was born on Feb. 21st 1926 in Warangal, Telangana. He one of the freedom fighters who fought for the struggle for freedom and the Telangana state, he fought against the British in 1940 with MS Rajalingam and T.Krishnamachari. He followed Gandhi ji principles and met him on October 2nd 1944.

He is one among the team of vadumbi ramanujacharyulu, Ramini Mruthunjayalingam and Cheruku kantaiah who fought for Telangana when Fazal Ali Commission came to Warangal in 1953-54. He also participated in the Idli/Sambar movement against it. He was associated everything that is realted to Telangana. He also rejected the political offeres made by the P.V. Narasimha Rao and the N.T.R. and said Telangana is first and then only anything.


Arvind Kejriwal of AAP takes Charge as the Chief Minister of Delhi. The AAP Team has won 67 of 70 assembly seats in the recent elections.


India-Sri lanka signs the nuclear deal.

The newly elected Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and the Modi Government had signed the nuclear deal. It is symbol of mutual trust and this has opened the new avenues with Sri Lanka.

It has also signed MoU on Nalanda University to enable Sri Lanka participate in the project.

Peaceful use of Nuclear energy: Transfer of expertise, training of personnel in nuclear safety.

To enhance ties in performing arts, cultural documentation.

Ties in agro processing under MoU on Cooperation in Agriculture.


KCR Calls on PM Modi

TS CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao met PM Modi and requested to allocate funds for the State government’s flagship schemes Mission Kakatiya and Water Grid system for 50% funding and financial assistance of Rs.750 Crores for the upcoming Godavari Pushkaralu 2015, centre’s help in speeding up the process of Wardha-Dichpally transmission line and providing national status to Pranahita-Chevella Lift irrigation project.

K.C. Rao will meet Maharashtra CM Fadnavis and dicuss ther inter-state irrigation projects such as Pranahita-Chevella, Lendi, Ichampallly, Penganga and several other check-dams.


Land Grabbers, Financial Fraud to come under PD ACT.

What is PD Act?

It is the Prevention of Dangerous Activities Act against chain snatchers, bootleggers, immoral traffickers and goondas.

The HYD Police has decided to detain land grabbers, drug-traffickers and those involved in financial fraud offences under the law.


Ambanis, Bharti, Vodafone and Idea – to buy the Spectrum

These 4 companies and other like Sistema Shyam Teleservices would add Rs. 1 lakh Crore to the Government. The Government called for the auction of the 2G and 3G radio waves in the month of March 2015.

What is Spectrum?

Spectrum means a band of Frequencies of Electromagnetic waves, also called as Radio Waves. It ranges from low frequency to Gamma rays. This includes radio waves used for the communication and broadcasting purposes (Satellite Comm., Visible light, Infrared, UV rays, X-rays and gamma rays.)

FM transmission uses the frequency of 88MHz to 108 MHz,

Satellite Communication uses 4000-6000 MHz and 11000-14000 and so on,

Mobile Service providers uses normally in the range of  900-1800 MHz.

These spectrum is allotted and they get the revenue for the service they provide.


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