Things to keep in mind before TSPSC Preparation

ManaPSC Preparation Guide: Things to do before starting TSPSC (Groups) Preparation


It’s time for getting ready – For the battle (TSPSC)!

I hope all of you are getting ready for the preparation. We first recommend you to ask yourself, are you really interested or not in achieving your goal? If your answer is yes, then you landed on the right path.

Yes! Your dream is going to be true in near future. Am not reminding you, but I am making sure you win the race i.e. going to be started.


The very first steps to be taken before your Preparation:


Time Management: What is time management? Now don’t give the bookish definition, it’s nothing but how you manage your time for your preparation in simpler words.

So, how to manage it – is our question? Basically, we see the aspirants who are working and some who are spending their time only on preparing Groups. Now, making a Time-table and following it is the main essence and it’s your first stepping stone journey in success of TSPSC (Groups). There are generally two categories who prepare for the exam.


One who prepares sitting at home (Full-Time):

Working professionals and students going to College (Part-time):


Let’s now hold on a second, before getting early (in the morning) and going to sleep. For a healthy mind and best preparation, 6-7 hours of sleep is required (mandatory). So, following it first gives us the steps for getting ready in the battle, and then comes how you spend your time for preparation.  No need to spend 16-18 hours of study for 1-2 years. Studying perfectly for 8-9 hours for almost 9 months gives the best results. As we have very less time, we may cut time for preparation based on the Notifications (don’t worry about them.) But, getting ready for it is where you reached a step in you making a success story of yours.


Before, providing you the Study plan and Time-table to follow make sure you are ready to read newspaper (whether it is “The Hindu” or “Namaste Telangana” or “Eenadu”). Fix a paper of your choice, but we recommend to read The Hindu for E/M aspirants because it covers a vast syllabus of ours in providing the recent data’s (reports), current events (State-National-International), Science and Technology. So, providing time for reading Newspaper is one must do (about 30-60 minute based on your understanding level.) and preparing notes based on what you read and the important points or follow where we will be updating you the main aspects to be covered for the syllabus.


Just be ready, think that one post is waiting for you and you will be king or Queen who is going to win it.


Now, come for the First step of your preparation – The main thing is SYLLABUS. WHY?

As TSPSC released its syllabus for Group’s – Just have a glance and read it once, twice or thrice till you are able to know where the question is from or from which paper and which topic it is!

Then, you are eligible for TSPSC (if I am not wrong.) We recommend you to study it first before preparing starting for your preparation.




Note: [Based on active users of our site ( and your comments we, will start the Time-table in 2-3 days.]


Till then, get ready for the Battle of TSPSC. Be prepared, ready with the syllabus. Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed.

Hope to see double figure ranks from our site. And I am sure you are going to be the ONE.



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  • GovtJobAspirant

    All the Best Manapsc !!!! Cheers …………..

  • leader

    thank you sir.

  • RUPA

    namaste sir/madam,
    i am rupa working as administrator in a company i want to prepare for group 2 and 4.Please suggest me how to prepare as my office hours are 8:30am to 6:30pm.PLEASE SUGGEST ME HOW TO PREPARE AS MY GOAL IS TO GET A JOB IN GROUPS.


  • azhar suri

    Sir, I want to prepare for group 2 suggest me some tips and study plan

  • ManaPSC
  • ManaPSC

    Please refer any current affairs or follow our day-to-day current affairs compulsory.

    Adjust timings such that you can spend at least 2-3 hrs a day in reading a topic on regular days and at least 8 hrs in weekends such that you get ready for preparation and for the exam.,
    Follow our initiative you will come to know how to read and plan perfectly.

    Thank you.

    • Venkatareddy

      Thank you sir I am utilising at least 6 hours a day am definitely will get into the top list .tell me sir am successful in this manner and I want top rank in groups sir

      • ManaPSC

        Yes , you will get it, give your 100% and a best preparation plan..

        • Venkatareddy

          Sir please just recomand books according to syllabus any publications especially group 2 economy and paper 4 movement of telangana

  • Rakesh Pasham

    Sir,What will be the time gap between Prelims-Mains and Mains-Interview.Kindly reply.

    • ManaPSC

      See one thing is common
      After Prelims , you may get time of around 45-60 days ;
      And after Mains – The result has to be announced and The Interview will be called on basis of numbers allotted; It will also take around 45-60 days as per the information we know.

  • sathish molguri

    i have some knowledge on groups syllabus, Now i am starting preparation,does it make any difference or time waste process.