Telangana Socio Economic Outlook 2015

Reinventing Telangana: Opportunities and Challenges




Telangana Socio-Economic Outlook 2015 Highlights


  • As per the advanced estimates, the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) growth of the State during 2014-15 is estimated at 5.3%, as compared to the growth rate of 4.8% recorded in 2013-14, at constant prices of 2004-05.


  • Though agricultural growth suffered a decline during the last year due to adverse seasonal conditions, allied sectors like livestock, forestry and fisheries sectors have shown positive growth rates of 6.5, 2.7 and 11.4%, respectively. A substantial increase in industrial growth rate of 4.1% and a healthy service sector growth rate of 9.7% has made a major contribution to the increase in the overall GSDP growth of the State.


  • A significant point to be noted is the total GSDP of the State at the current prices has crossed the Rs. 4 lakh crore mark. This positive growth in GSDP has increased the per capita income in the State during 2014-15(current prices) to Rs.1,03,889 compared to Rs. 95,361 recorded during 2013-14. This is substantially higher than the all India per capita income of Rs. 88,533.


  • The population of the State is predominantly rural with 61.33% of people residing in rural areas and the remaining 38.67% of people residing in urban areas. While the growth of total population in the State has moderated to 13.58% in the decade 2001 to 2011 from 18.77% in the preceding decade, the growth of the urban population has been witnessing a significant increase. Urban population in the State grew by 38.12% in the decade 2001 to 2011 as compared with 25.13% in the preceding decade.


  • The density of population in the State ranges from the lowest of 170 per sq. kilometer in Adilabad district to the highest of 18,172 per sq. kilometers in Hyderabad district, as compared with the State average of 307 per sq. kilometer.


  • The sex ratio of the State, defined as the number of females per 1,000 males at 988 is higher than the national average of 943 in 2011.The sex ratio of children declined from 957 in 2001 to 933 in 2011. The sex ratio of the SC population at 1,008 in 2011 is much higher than the state average of 988.


  • Social Compostion of the state : Of the total population of the State, scheduled castes constitute 15.44% and the scheduled tribes 9.34%. The percentage of scheduled tribes population is higher than the national average of 8.60%. There has been a signifi cant increase in the percentage of tribal population in total population from 2.81% in 1961 to 8.19% in 1981 and further to 9.34% in 2011.
  • Average Household size is 3.56 .Total number of households as per Census-2011: 83.58 lakhs


  • The literacy rate in the State at 66.46% is lower than the national average of 72.99%. The literacy rate in the State varies from 55.04% in Mahbubnagar to 83.25% in Hyderabad. While the male literacy rate is 74.95%, the female literacy rate is much lower at 57.92%. The literacy rates among the SCs and STs are 58.90 and 49.51%, respectively.


  • In six out of ten districts of the State, the infant mortality rate (IMR) is found to be much higher than the national average of 40. The maternal mortality rate (MMR) at 152 is very high in the district of Adilabad as compared with the national average of 167.


  • The anticipated Gross State Domestic Product at constant (2004-05) prices for the year 2014-15 is estimated at Rs.2,17,432 crore as against Rs.2,06,427 crore for 2013-14 reflecting a growth of 5.3%. This marks a reversal of the declining trend since 2012-13 onwards. While in 2012-13, Telangana recorded a growth rate of 4.1%, in 2013-14 it was 4.8% at constant prices.The GSDP at current prices for the year 2014-15 is estimated at Rs. 4,30,599 crore as against Rs. 3,91,751 crore for 2013-14 with a growth rate of 9.9 per cent.


  • The sectoral analysis reveals that during the year 2014-15, the growth rate of GSDP is highest in services sector with 9.7% followed by Industry sector with a growth of 4.1% and agriculture sector expected a negative growth of (-)10.3%.Consequently, the contribution of Agriculture sector declined to 12.8% from 15.1% in the previous year. The contribution of Industry sector is estimated to be 24.3% without much variation compared to the past year and the Services sector is estimated to contribute a higher percent of 62.9%, as against 60.3% in 2013-14.


  • The Per Capita income gives a better idea about the level of development in a State, which is a proxy indicator for the standard of living of the people. As per the Advance Estimates for 2014-15, the Per Capita Income of the State at current prices increased to Rs. 1,03,889, from Rs. 95,361 in 2013-14, registering a growth of 8.9 per cent, which is higher than the National Per Capita Income of Rs.88,533. The Per Capita Income at constant (2004-05) prices has also gone up from Rs. 48,881 in 2013-14 to Rs. 51,017 in 2014-15, registering a growth rate of 4.4 per cent. The Per Capita Income of the state increased from about Rs. 24,409 in 2004-05 to Rs. 1,03,889 at current prices in 2014-15.


[For More info. Download the TS Economic-outlook. ]

Download HERE:  Telangana Socio economic outlook 2015  PDF

The above link provides you to download the Telangana Socio-economic outlook 2015. But, Let us have a brief look at the Contents o f the Socio Economic Outlook 2015




Section I


1.1 The first Steps

1.2 Socio-Economic Profile of Telangana & Growth Trajectory


Section II


2.1 Agriculture – Challenges and Opportunities

2.2 Horticulture – New initiatives

2.3 Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

2.4 Expanding the Forest Cover


Section III


3.1 Focus on Welfare

3.2 Social Development


Section IV


4.1 Improving Economic Infrastructure

4.2 New Industrial Policy


Section V


5.1 Global City- A vision

5.2 Development of World class Infrastructure






It’s better to study this document carefully to understand the Telangana State socio-economic position and when one gets a clear picture of the Socio-Economic outlook can answer almost every question in any upcoming Telangana TSPSC exams (Important for Group-1, 2 and 4, VRO/VRA, Panchayat Secretary, Telangana Police-SI). Each and every Section is important as well. Those who are preparing for the exam very sincerely and with patience we undoubtedly suggest you to download the document and for any kind of doubts you have, drop a comment. We will help you.




(SOURCE: Telangana State Official Portal)



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