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Telangana Handicrafts

Handicrafts have always been a remarkable feature of Indian art and crafts. Telangana is yet another great site offering ample astounding handicrafts. The artisans still make these extraordinary handicrafts with dexterity. Whether it is needle craft or bronze castings, metal craft or stone craft, Telangana has a wide array of handicrafts that can become a part of your lifestyle. The eminence of these handicrafts lies in their traditional method of creation. These handicrafts are loved and adored not only by Indians, but people from all parts of the world. Many inhabitants of the state still rely on the handicraft industry. Scroll down to get more information about the famous handicrafts of Telangana.

Banjara Needle Crafts

The embroidery and mirror work, created by the ‘Banjaras’ (Gypsies) on fabrics, have become the part of each person’s wardrobe in India. These people employ their dexterity in needle craft and create incredible designs on clothes. This work of art is known for its intricate and colorful designs.


Bidri Craft

Bidri craft is another craft that serves as the pride of Telangana. This unique art of silver inlay on metal has always been enthralling people with its lure. The historical events reveal that this craft was brought by Iran migrants to India. The artisans practiced this art and brought it on the world wide panorama. In the present day, Bidri craft has been customized to produce cufflinks, name plates and many more things.


Dokra Metal Crafts

Dokra Metal craft is quite prevalent in the tribal regions of Telangana. In Adilabad district, the places like Chittalbori and Ushegaon are the main promoters of this art. The notable fact about Dokra craft is that each piece is different from the other. All the objects are created niftily by hand, boasting of individualistic touch. Dokra craft produces objects like figurines, horses, drummers, atypical spoons and tribal Gods.


Nirmal Arts

Nirmal town of Adilabad district is known for its wide range of handicrafts. The skilled craftsmen make the objects appear authentic with their brilliant use of colors and traditional techniques of creating objects. The colors are extracted from the natural dyes. The popular ‘Moghul’ miniatures are made on ‘Ponniki’, which is a soft white wood. It is further strengthened with coatings of tamarind seed paste, fine muslin and pipe clay.


Bronze Castings

Telangana has been known world-wide for its amazing Bronze castings. These castings require special skills to create incredible idols. The craftsmen are required to study details of the ‘Shilpashastra’. The aesthetics of the idols are made by their physical measurements, proportions, description of the deity, characteristics and symbolism. While exercising solid casting of icons, the mould is prepared by several coatings of different clay on a finished wax model. This process provides the fine curves to the cast-image.


Lacquer Ware

In Telangana, Etikoppaka is famous for its amazing lacquer ware. This craft involves application of lacquer on wood. Lacquering could be done either by hand or machine. The hand-lathe is preferred to shape delicate items. The lac is applied when the objects get arid. In this process, the lacstick is hard-pressed against the woodenware meant to be lacquered. Since the object keeps on revolving, the friction generates heat, which softens the lac and facilitates the color to get stick. With the help of brush, designs are painted on the figures, objects and toys. The lac bangle is the most popular lacquerware that also comes embellished with stones, beads, glass and mirrors.


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