Telangana Geographical Profile at a glance

TSPSC- Telangana State Geographical Overview:

Telangana State Geographical profile at a glance:


Telangana is a state in the southern part of India. It is formed on June 2nd,2014. It is the 29th sate of India standing 12th in geographical area with 1,14,840 Sq. kms. It has a population of 3,52,86,787 crores with a density of 310/sq. km according to 2011 census.

It is situated on Deccan plateau of the Indian peninsula. The state has boundaries like Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh to the north, Karnataka to the west, and Andhra Pradesh to the south, east and north-east. It major cities includes Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar and Nizamabad.

Telangana Coordinates: 17.36 degree N, 78.47 degree E

Capital City: Hyderabad

Area: 1,14,840 Sq. kms.

No. of Districts: 10

Population: 3.51 Crores

Households: 83.58 Lakhs.


Agriculture,Climate and the Monsoon:

The Climate of Telangana is Semi-arid. The average annual rainfall is about 906 mm. The total geographical area of the state is 114.84 lakh hectares, out of the total geographical are 40.5% is under Net sown are, 23.9% is under forests, 10.5% under current fallow lands, 7.7% is under non-agricultural uses and 5.4% is under barren land uncultivable land.

Agriculture in Telangana is dependent on rainfall and agricultural production depends upon the distribution of rainfall. The influence of South-West Monsoon is predominant. South-West monsoon (79%) is spread over the period from June to September, North-East Monsoon(14%) from October to December and the rest 7% rainfall is received during the winter and summer months.


Districts at a glance:


District Area  (Sq. Km) Population(lakhs) Literacy(%) Mandals Major Crops Major Minerals
Adilabad 16,105 27,41,239 61.01 52 Cotton, Rice Coal, Limestone
Karimnagar 11,823 37,76,269 64.15 56 Rice, Cotton Coal, Sand
Mahbubnagar 18432 40,53,028 55.04 64 _ Feldspar, Quartz
Nalgonda 14240 34,88,809 64.02 59 Cotton, Rice Limestone, Feldspar
Rangareddy 7493 52,96,741 74.87 37 Cotton, Maize Limestone, Laterite
Hyderabad 217 39,43,323 83.25 16        _             _
Khammam 16029 27,97,370 64.81 46 Cotton, Rice Coal ,Dolomite
Medak 9699 3033288 61.42 45 Maize, Cotton Quartz, Feldspar
Nizamabad 7956 2551335 61.01 36 Rice, Maize Laterite, Feldspar
Warangal 12846 3512576 65.11 50 Cotton,Rice Coal, Laterite



Rivers and Irrigation:

Godavari, Krishna ,Bhima,Manjira ,Musi and Paleru etc; are the major rivers of Telangana.

Irrigation: Gross irrigated area by different sources was 25.57 lakh ha. And net area irrigated was 17.74 lakh ha. (2012-13.) The gross irrigated area was as follows:

Tanks: 7.02%

Canals: 4.71%

Tube wells: 56.35%

Dug wells: 29.97%

Other sources: 1.94%


Forest and Ecology

The Geographical area of the Telangana State is 1,14,865 Sq.Kms and stood at 12th position in India, having 29,242 Sq. Kms which amounts to 25.46% including social forestry. Out of 29,242 Sq.kms Reserved Forest area is 21,024 Sq.Kms, Protected forest forms 7468 Sq.Kms and the rest of 750 Sq.Kms are unclassified.

The State of Telangana is endowed with rich diversity of fl ora and fauna with over 2939 plant species, 365 bird species, 103 mammal species, 28 reptile species and 21 amphibian species in addition to large number of Invertebrate species. Important endangered species found in the state are Tiger, Panther, Indian Gaur, Four Horned Antelope, Black Buck, Marsh Crocodile etc. The state is also bestowed with dense Teak forest along the banks of river Godavari right from Nizamabad through Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal up to Khammam district. These forests are home for several deciduous species like Nallamaddi, Yegisa, Rose wood, Narepa, Bamboo in addition to Teak.

The state of Telangana is endowed with rich Flora, Fauna and Eco-Systems. The state has 2939 plant species, 365 bird species, 103 mammal species and 28 reptile species


National Parks and Sanctuaries 

9 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 3 National Parks covering an area of 5692.48 Sq. Kms which is 19.73% of the forest area of Telangana State.

 Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Eturunagaram and Pakhal Wildlife sanctuary in Warangal,

Kawal Tiger reserve and Pranahita wildlife sanctuary in Adilabad,

Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary in Khammam,

Majira wildlife sanctuary in Medak,

Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam tiger reserve in Nalgonda and Mahbubunagar,

Pocharam wildlife sanctuary in Medak and Nizamabad,

Shivaram wildlife sanctuary in Karimnagar.

National Parks:

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National park in Hyderabad,

Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park in Ranga reddy,

Mrugavani national park in ranga reddy.

















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