Telangana Current Affairs September 21st 2015


Telangana State Government hikes relief on farmer suicide to Rs. 6 Lakh

In a measure to enhance support of framers who commited suiced, the government of telangana announced a relief package of Rs.6 lakh, increasing it from Rs. 1.5 lakh fixed by the then combined AP government in 2004. The package included Rs.1 lakh ex gratia to the affected family and Rs. 50000 to repay loans as one-time settlement. The goveremenet would extend ‘Kalyana Lakshmi’ scheme to grown-up girls in the families of farmers who had commited suicide, irrespective of the community they belonged to. To strengthen agriculture extension network govt. would recruit 1,000 Agricultural Extension officers in addition 1,100 already working.


4 India Reserve Battalions sanctioned for Telangana

The Telangana government on Saturday issued orders sanctioning four India Reserve Battalions of special police to be raised in Adilabad, Ranga Reddy, Khammam and Warangal districts.

This is the first sanction of battalions for police after formation of the State. India Reserve Battalions has a Central share in meeting basic development cost on each of them to the tune of Rs 51.19 crore. The State share in the cost is Rs 43.73 crore.

The basic development cost includes standard cost of raising the battalions, which is Rs. 34.92 crore (Centre Rs 26.19 crore and State Rs 8.73 crore) and infrastructure cost of Rs 60 crore (Centre Rs 25 crore and State Rs 35 crore). Apart from basic development cost, battalions would require land and about 1,300 posts of personnel. Inspector-General of Battalions for Telangana V. Srinivas Rao said that two out of the four new battalions would come up at Ibrahimpatan in Ranga Reddy district and Kothagudem in Khammam district where land was available for police. There are 13 existing battalions of special police in Telangana, including four IR battalions at Mancherial in Adilabad district, Beechpally in Mahbubnagar, Anneparthy in Nalgonda and one proposed near Karimnagar.


Golf course at Golconda wins National Tourism Award

The golf course at Golconda Fort has won the National Tourism Award as the best tourism-friendly golf course.  Telangana State won two more national awards on the occasion for medical tourism promoted by Apollo Hospitals and construction of Leonia Convention Centre.


Thrust groups to attract investment to State

The State government has formed three thrust groups with the officials of the Department of Industries and the Chief Minister’s Office to promote the new industrial policy and attract investments from different parts of the world.

The decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting held here on Saturday following a week-long visit to China and Hong Kong by a delegation led by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari said after the meeting that one group would focus on attracting investments from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, the second group would liaison with prospective investors in the US, Canada and European Union and another group would concentrate on investments from the Gulf countries and others parts of the country.

KTR launches water grid project works

Terming the Water Grid scheme as a gigantic project of mammoth scale and utility value, Minister for Panchayat Raj K. Taraka Rama Rao said the works in respect of Palair segment under the project will be expeditiously completed within one-and-a-half years to provide drinking water to every household in Palair and Khammam Assembly constituencies.

He was speaking after formally launching the Water Grid Project works in respect of Palair segment at Jeelacheruvu in Kusumanchi mandal on Sunday.

Stating that the Telangana Drinking Water Supply Project (TDWSP-Water Grid) was initiated with an estimated outlay of a whopping Rs. 35,000 crore, he said the mega project will find a lasting solution to the drinking water needs of people in the State. The project will be implemented under four different segments – including Palair, encompassing a balancing reservoir, in Khammam district – at an estimated expenditure of Rs.3,558 crore. The State government is determined to complete the project much ahead of the stipulated timeframe of three-and-a-half years he said.

Water supply scheme

Earlier, the Minister inaugurated the Rs. 10 crore Comprehensive Protected Drinking Water Supply (CPWS) Scheme at Puttakota in Raghunadhapalem mandal and a new rural water supply scheme at Edulapuram village in Khammam rural mandal.

Minister for Roads and Buildings T. Nageswara Rao, Khammam MP P. Srinivas Reddy, Paliar MLA R. Venkat Reddy, Khammam legislator P. Ajay Kumar, Principal Secretary (PR&RD) J. Raymond Peter, Khammam district Collector D.S. Lokesh Kumar and others were present.

Barren hill afforestation a non-starter

Barren hill afforestation’, an important component of the ‘Haritha Haaram’ initiative of the Telangana government to ensure vegetation on barren hills, has remained a non-starter after two-and-a-half months into the programme due to confusion over ownership of land.

Planting the barren hills in various districts of the Telangana is part of the efforts initiated under the social forestry segment of the ‘Haritha Haaram’. Other drives which are part of the segment include avenue plantation, river and canal bank plantations, tank bunds and foreshore areas, institutional premises, religious places, housing colonies and abandoned lands.

Under the initiative, it is envisaged to plant a total of 955 hectares on the hillocks shorn of their greenery, from all the nine districts of the State, except Hyderabad. However, so far, only eight per cent of the total planned area has been planted, officials informed.

“We have been asked to plant 100 hectares per district by the year end, but could achieve only 77 hectares so far. Absence of data about barren hills without encumbrances is hindering the project,” an official from the Forest department informed.

The hillocks to be planted are outside the forest area, and hence come under the Revenue Department’s purview. To complicate the matters further, respective district administrations have even allotted housing sites to the poor on them, making it further difficult for the department to take any initiative, the official informed.

“We initially thought of cordoning off the entire hillocks by digging trenches, as we have been doing with regard to forests, so that they will be inaccessible for cattle browsing. But we had to abandon it as there would be objections from the owners in case of private lands, and it will raise right of way issues,” he said. As per ‘Haritha Haaram’130 crore seedlings from a total of 230 crore ought to be planted outside the notified forest areas, which includes barren hills.



Four (4) New istopes are discovered:


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Research links stress and Alzheimer’s disease

Research conducted on a mouse model and in human cells found that a stress-coping hormone released by the brain boosts the production of protein fragments. Those protein pieces, known as amyloid beta, clump together and trigger the brain degeneration that leads to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The findings were published recently in The EMBO.

The researchers found that stress causes the release of a hormone called corticotrophin releasing factor, or CRF, in the brain. This, in turn, increases production of amyloid beta. As amyloid beta collects in the brain, it initiates a complex degenerative cascade that leads to AD. During laboratory testing, mouse models that were exposed to acute stress had more of the Alzheimer’s-related protein in their brains than those in a control group, the researchers found. The stressed mice also had more of a specific form of amyloid beta that has a particularly pernicious role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. To better understand the role played by CRF, the researchers then treated human neurons with CRF. That caused a significant increase in the amyloid proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease.

“Researchers are now looking at an antibody that could be used to block the stress hormone directly,” Todd Golde a co-author of the paper from the University of Florida Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease said in a release.

Developing future-ready tech: ISRO Chairman

ISRO is moving forward with the development of heavy lift launchers, reusable re-launch vehicles, cryogenic engines and development of composite materials, ISRO Chairman A.S. Kiran Kumar says



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