Telangana Current Affairs Quiz December 2015 1st Week


1. Who recently became the 43rd Chief Justice of India ?


2. The Centre for DNA Finger printing and Diagnostics is in ?


3. Recently which US company came to setup LED Bulb manufacturing in the state of Telangana?


4. The country’s First Aerospace Manufacturing Centre is going to be setup in?


5. The 2015 UNCCC (CoP21 Climate Change) Summit is held in ?


6. The National Tobacco Control Programme was initiated under NHM(National Health Mission) during?


7. First District in Telangana to become ID (Illictly Distilled) Liquor free is ?


8. The present Repo Rate (Rate at which the Reserve Bank of India lends to the system) is ?


9. The ‘Campaign to Stop Trafficking’ was initiated by Prajwala and UN Consulate General, Hyderabad is?


10. Which companies recently agreed to make fuselage for Apache Helicopters in Hyderabad, Telangana?






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