Telangana Current Affairs 28th Septemeber 2015


Modi boots up ‘Digital India’ with high-profile Silicon Valley show

Technological giants announce strategic investments in India

Google: Wi-Fi stations Google will soon help India set up base for free Wi-Fi at 500 railway stations.

Microsoft: Broadband to across 5,00,000 villages

Qualcomm: Qualcomm will invest $150 million for Indian start-ups in the mobile and internet-of-everything ecosystem.


Documentation of Telangana History:

The department has already categorized 2,795 stampages from the districts and their documentations to be taken up soon. The earliest collection of history in form of inscriptions and coinage available with the department back to Satavahana dynasty(1st and 2nd Century) found in Kotilingala in Karimnagar. From Satavahana onwards,among other dynasties we have Andhra Ishvakus,Vishnukundins,Chalukyas,Kakatiya,Bahmani,Velama,Qutub shahis and Asaf gahis.


Status of Mission Kakatiya:

Work taken up under the program will cover 4 lakh acres of ayacut.
46,531 Total irrigation tanks in telangana.
38411 Tanks for irrigation needs.
8120 Percolation, forest, private tanks.
33,194 Tanks less than 100 acres ayacut and 5217 tanks having more than 100 acres ayacut.
9306 Tanks identified for Mission Kakatiya Phase-I
8212 administrative sanction given; Rs 2610 crore estimated cost.
7948 technical sanction given; Rs.2377 crore estimated cost.
Rs.432 crore cost of completed works and Rs.400 crore amount cleared so far.


Ibrahimpur, a model to be replicated:

Ibrahimpur village in Siddipet mandal is perfect model for the clean ways it follows. No garbage strewn around,not even the ubiquitous plastic cover and pet bottle is seen. The village boasts of clean lanes and good sanitary practices. Every house here has a ‘Water conversation pit’ (Inkudu gunta). With 265 houses and a population of 1,120 this village is located near the border of Karimnagar district.




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