Telangana Current Affairs 1st December 2015


Telangana soon to become the hub for Aerospace and defence Manufacturing

The efforts of the state government have soon to become fruitful after the NITI AAYOG member D K Agarwal favoured for setting up of the country’s  first aerospace manufacturing centre proposed by the central government, in
the Telangangana state. The first of its kind facility, if comes through ,will consist of a  Centre of Excellence (CoE),design and manufacturing faclitiy,and training intsitutions for personnel, among others.

The advanced manufacturing technologies to be developed by the centre are exopeced to help in reducing waste,lead time and costs,which are essential for growth of aerospace sector. Globally, India is the third largest aerospace market after the US and China and the market size is expected to touch $150 billion in next 10 years.

With defence offset policy of 30 percent loclisation in place, the defence  and aerospace manufacturing in India is projected to be an $80 billion opportunity by the year 2024. In this context, Telangana should set a goal to attract nearly  $10 billion (nearly 66,500 crore) of mammoth investment.


The Telangana government is yet to implement NTCP

TS Government is yet to implement the National Tobacco Control Programme.

A report prepared by the the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare  in December 2014 showed that the State has untilised the central funds of Rs.89.74 lakh during financial year 2014-15 but failed to report ehat action it had taken to curb smoking in public and how the  money had been spent. According to MHFW, Karnataka State had implemented the laws strictly and topped in registering large number of cases. Karnataka registered a total number of 1,13,790 cases and collected Rs 1.44 crore by way of penalties imposed on violators, followed by Tamil Nadu
where 16,367 cases were registered and Rs 20 lakh collected.
The NTCP was inititated in 21 states under National Health Mission(NHM) during 2007 by MHFW to create awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco use and to faclitate effective  implementation of tobacco control laws.
The government has enacted the Cigarretes and other Tobacco Products Act 2003 (COPTA) which includes specific provisions of prohibition of smoking in a public places (Section 4), prohibition of direct and indirect advertisement (Section 5), prohibtion of sale of cigarette and other tobacco products to a person below the age of eighteen years (Section 6 (a)),prohibition of sale of tobacco products near educational insitutions (Section 6(b), etc;
Paris summit on Climate Change to discuss Mission Kakatiya

The Mission Kakatiya programme will get the attention of the international community at the crucial global summit on ‘Climate Change ‘ which began November 30,2015 in Paris. The Summit, attended by over 190 countries, will discuss the revival of tanks, and promotion of ecological systems around the water  bodies in Telangana State.

A detailed report ha been prepared by the EPTRI (Environmental Protection Training and Research Institute)
on the impact of the Mission Kakatiya on environment. It include balancing natural resources i.e Flora and Fauna,
preservation of water bodies and creation of sustainable avenues for the livelihoods of people in the villages.
EPTRI Director Kalyan Chakraborthy will make a detailed presentation in one of the workshops on ‘Climate Change-Water Bodies’ organised in two week long summit at the international venue. The other important issues like  GIS Mapping and Geo-tagging of all natural resources,social fencing of the boundary at Full Tank Level (FTL) around ponds and lakes against encroachments, community-based disaster management and peacetime preparations, enforcing environmental regulations in urban development and awareness ans creation and empowerment of stakeholders, discussed recently at a workshop conducted jointly by the EMPTRI and Inter-operation India, will also figure in the  presentation.
US Company to setup LED Bulb units in Telangana State

US based Advanced Optronic Devices(AOD, Internatonal) Inc and Indian establishment Syska plan
to establish LED bulbs manufacturing units at a cost of RS 500 crore in Telangana State.

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