Telangana current affairs 17th December 2015


  Andhra Pradesh, Telangana to share Krishna water in 1:2 ratio River board allocates 20 tmcft for Telangana as State had under utilised its share . Srisailam and Najargunasagar reserviors had a total of 152 tmcft of water this year, A.P. and Telangana were to share the water in ration 3:5 ratio. River board agrees to AP request for immidiate release of 4 tmcft for drinking water purposes. Telangana also to use 1.5 tmcft from its available 20 tmcft to meet Hyderabad’s drinking water requirements.


Sundar Pichai pitches Project Loon for connectivity: Chennai-born Google CEO, 43 yr old Sundar pichai had some obnoxious moments during the recent floods in the city as he was unable to reach his family members. Google’s project loon that uses helium-filled ballons to provide data connectivity in remote area are of great help. Google is looking forward to setup new campus in Hyderabad city of Telangana.


Gondi language loses a legend: A pandit in Gunjala Koyatoor script and the Gondi language, and one of the four who could speak and write these, Atram Kamalabai(95) died on Wednesday morning after a short span of illness. TS decides to delete Regulation 13 of HuDA’s zoning regulations that protect heritage structures. The contemept with which the Telangana government decided to delete regulation 13 of the HUDA regulations that zealously guarded Telangana heritage in city for two decades, is appropriate being likened to an old vernacular saying ‘ Na rahega baans na bhageji bansuri’.


ISRO launches 6 Singapore satellites: Fourth stage of PSLV rocket tested; this is expected to help future missions. The PSLV- C29 TeLEOS-1 lifts off successfully from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in A.P. ISRO Chariman A.S. Kiran Kumar said that “this test will help us when we launch mutiple satellites with a single rocket but want to place them in different orbits.” ISRO has launched 17 foreign and four Indian satellites this year, including its GSAT-15 which was launched from French Guinana in November. With the latest, India has launched a total of 57 foreign satellites for 20 countries.


Rural landholding almost halved over 20 years: Over 80% of rural household have marginal land holdings of less than once hectare, Average Landholding in 1992 – 1.01 hectares, 2003 – 0.725 hectare and 2013 – 0.592 hectares Landless (< 0.002 hect. – 7.41%) Small (1-2 hect. – 10% ) Semi-Medium ( 2-4 hect. 5.01% ) Meduim (4-10 hect. 1.93%) Large (> 10 hect 0.24%) Marginal (0.002-1 hect 75.42%)/.


World Bank approves 1.5$ billion loan for Swaachh Bharat Mission: To help India ensure that all its citizens in rural areas have access to improved sanitation to end open defecation by 2019, the World Bank has approved a $1.5 -billion loan for a support opearation project of Swachh Bharat , a sanitation campaign lauched by the Union Government. WB data shows that of the 2.4 billion peole who lack access to improved sanitation worldwide, over 750 million live in India, 80% of them in rural areas. SBM – Gramin focuses on ensuring the use of toilets, besides thier construction. The states and thier implementation agencies will be given  incentives for meeting performance standards; reducing open defecation, sustaining thier open defecation-free status and improving  solid waste management in rural areas.  


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