Telangana Current Affairs 12th October 2015

1.Fiscal Balance turns surplus after 8 years.

For the first time in 8 years, India’s fiscal balance turned from deficit to surplus in the month of August, the latest data from the Controller-General of Accounts (CGA) show. The fiscal deficit, the excess of the Centre’s expenditure over its revenues, was (-) Rs. 15,808 crore in August.The negative figure indicates surplus of revenues over expenditure. In contrast, the Centre ran up a fiscal deficit of Rs. 73,005 crore in August 2014.A sharp surge in the Centre’s revenue receipts as well as a steep decline in its total expenditures made the fiscal surplus possible.The total revenue was Rs. 1,47,022 crore in August against Rs. 71,578 crore in July. In contrast, the total expenditure in August was Rs. 1,31,214 crore against Rs. 1,69,986 crore in July.

What is Fiscal Defecit? When a government’s total expenditures exceed the revenue that it generates (excluding money from borrowings.

What is Fiscal Balance? Amount of money government has from tax revenue and the proceeds of assets sold, minus any government spending.


2.The veteran actress Manorama passes away in Chennai.


3.Rs.105 Crore released for the ”Educational Hub” – TS

The State government on Sunday accorded administrative sanction and ordered release of Rs. 104.83 crore towards construction of educational hubs for boys and girls at Gajwel in Medak district.Gajwel is the headquarters of Assembly constituency represented by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and the funds have been released under the scheme of “special development fund for welfare and development activities” for 2015-16.The Chief Minister promised development of educational hubs during a visit to his constituency a few months back.

4.Poverty is the main of Maoist Upsurge says:

Two Dalit leaders from Nepal said that poverty was the main reason for the upsurge of Maoists struggles in the country.Binod Pahadi, a former Member of Nepal Parliament, and Dalit leader B.K. Rem Bahdur, who were here to deliver the S.R. Sankaran Memorial Lecture, told the gatheringthat the Prachanda-led Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) brought a sea of change in the social fabric of the country by taking up struggles against untouchability. Unfortunately, the Dalits lagged behind in occupying leadership posts of the party though they were in the forefront of the struggles. Mr. Prachanda enjoyed the dominant position because of the support he got from the Dalits.On the transformation of Nepal from a Hindu to secular society, they said it happened because of a strong demand of citizens that there should not be a national religion. The lecture was organised by the Centre for Dalit Studies.

5.Andamans yield a Sweet Banana with Orange pulp:

A sweet banana species with orange pulp named as Musa indandamanensis has been discovered in Andamans. It was discovered by team of scientists from the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) from a remote Krishna Nalah tropical rain forest on the Little Andaman islands. Musa indandamanensis is thrice the size of a regular banana species and has unique green flowers and fruit bunch lux (axis). It is about 11 metres high while, usual banana species is about 3 to 4 metres high.
Fruit lux: It is about 1 metres i.e. thrice in size compared to regular species.
Pulp of fruit: It has distinctive orange colour and is different from white and yellow colour of regular bananas. Flowers: They are cylindrical in shape compared to conical shape of regular banana species.
Edible: Tribal people on the island eat it and are very sweet compared to regular bananas.
Conservation: The plantains of species are very limited and needs conservation.
Potential Use: As this species has relatively big fruit lux, the genes extracted from it can be very used for boosting banana production in the country.
It can be also used for germinating new banana plants species. Around the world, there are approximately 52 species of banana are found in wild and off them 15 such species are reported in India.

Source: THE Hindu, Investopedia, Bussinessdictionary, Lastexam.

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