Manapsc Target Group-2 2016 Day 5

Day 5 : Schedule and Time Table (JANUARY 5th 2016)

Topics to be covered:




I. Socio-Cultural History of India and Telangana.

Rise of Marathas and their contribution to Culture;

Socio-Cultural conditions in the Deccan under the Bahamanis and

Vijayanagara – Literature, Art and Architecture.



II. Overview of the Indian Constitution and Politics

Fundamental Rights.

Directive Principles of State Policy .

Fundamental Duties.


Basic Social and Polity textbooks, Wikipedia and


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  • arun

    Great initiative manapsc. Please keep helping aspirants like me through more initiatives like this..

  • arun

    Please suggest few standard must read books topic/subject wise as per the syllabus in an elaborate manner so that non coching students can be free from confusion because of many materials available in the market..