Manapsc – 4th and 5thWeek September Quiz 2015

As a part of our MANAPSC – TARGET 2015 initiative , We are providing you this Weekend test.


As a part of our MANAPSC – TARGET 2015 initiative , We are providing you this Weekend test.

1. The Preamble of the Constitution of India was first amended by?


2. The President of India can be removed by the process of impeachment on the grounds of?


3. Supreme court judeges retire upon attainging the age of?


4. A Money Bill in the Parliament can be introduced only with the recommendation of the—


5. Which amendment reduced the voting age from 21 to 18 years?


6. Which among the following is not a National Party?


7. Uniform Civil Code deals with the Article?


8. The Republic and the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity are borrowed from?


9. The article that says about “Protection and improvement of environment and safeguarding of forests and wildlife” is?


10. Entertainment tax is levied by?


11. The first state to establish Panchayat Raj System?


12. The subject -matter of Gram Sabha refers to ?


13. Newspapers,books and printing presses falls under?


14. The powers,authority and responsibilities of municipalities deals with?


15. The first chief justice of India is?


16. Which of the following Cabinet Committees are not chaired by the Prime Minister?


17. Who is regarded as the “Father of All-India-Services?”


18. The Harappan Culture belongs to ?


19. The term ‘Rastra’ first appeared in ?


20. Which of the following is a collection of Hymns ?


21. The only Mahajanapada of south india is?


22. The Second Buddhist Council was held at?


23. Which of the following doesn’t constitute Sangam age (literature)?


24. Which of these is referred as ‘classical age’ or ‘golden age’ of ancient India?


25. Which ruler added the Ghari and the Charahi(pasture) tax?


26. Who composed the famous ‘Ramacharitmanas’?


27. The Battle of Panipat occurred in the year?


28. Pruthviraj chauhan defeated Muhammed Ghori in ?


29. Who did the permanent settlement of Bengal (also called the Zamindari System)?


30. The ‘Servants of India society’ is formed by?


31. The famous “Dandi March” or the Salt Satyagraha occured in the year?








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  • Aspirant

    Thank you..sir..nice one

  • kpr

    Answer for 9 should be is 48 A article…48 talks about Agriculture and Animal husbandry ..48A talks about Environment and wild life

    • ManaPSC

      Thank you for your correction…