Manapsc – 3rd Week Septemeber 2015 quiz


As a part of our MANAPSC – TARGET 2015 initiative , We are providing you this Weekend test.

1. An excessively morbid desire to steal is called


2. Correctly spelt word is ?


3. Wrongly spelt word is.?


4. Opposite word for ‘Cordial’ is?


5. Opposite word for ‘Ambiguous’ is ?


6. Meaning of ‘Preamble’ is?


7. Meaning of ‘Advocate’ is?


8. . She wants ____ stay home tonight.


9. Do you always come to work ____ bike?


10. If he had time he will call you. (Replace with the best suitable word)


11. The great Victoria dessert is located in?


12. The tropical grassland among the following is?


13. The Himalayan Mountain system belongs to ?


14. The island of Seychelles are located in?


15. The median that passes through the city “London” is ?


16. The major crops of Kharif season are ?


17. Percentage of Irrigated land in India is about?


18. The state having largest forest cover area is?


19. The present geographical area of Telangana(2015) is?


20. The average rainfall of Telangana is ?


21. The share of Agricultural GSDP in 2014-15 at current prices is?


22. Forest cover to that of total area in Telangana is?


23. Which of the following National Parks is not in Telangana?


24. 25: 175 :: 32 : ____ ?


25. Find the odd one out?



06  15  20

08  04  05

03  05  20

51  65    ?


27. X,Q,K,F, __?__


28. 25 :: 625 : 35: ____?


29. 5,11,23,47,95,____?


30. 2,29,39,47,___?





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  • kpr

    Quiz is Absolutely helpful .It tremendously increases the confidence and helpful in determining our gray areas..Thank you.
    1>>>I would like suggest to give options like 1&2 are correct..1,2,3 are correct,all are correct,only 2 is correct[Particuarly for polity,history,geograpy,Economcs…] which increases the toughness

    2>>> what I noticed is its allowing to select mutiple options which should not be the case,you can disable the remaining select buttons once any option is selected.

    • ManaPSC

      Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We will work on it and take into account your query. Thank you, Keep in touch and follow us.

  • RNR

    19 and 20 questions answers are wrong , 19- option a, 20- option b ( Source- state portal and socio economic survey- 2015)

    • ManaPSC

      Thank for your comment. Yes! We found it wrong the 20th answer, it should be B only and 19th answer is correct because the some mandals in Telangana merged into Andhra -then the area got decreased to 1,12,077 Sq.Kms.

      • RNR

        Ok, thank you. By the way how you got that area , any source ? i have searched but not found. even in survey and state portal and in wikipedia showing area as 114,840 sq kms.

  • Prrinces

    8th also is “to”