List of Useful Websites for TSPSC Preparation


Important websites for TSPSC Preparation


Looking for Online coaching of  Telangana-TSPSC Groups Preparation?             We( ManaPSC) are there for you to provide the useful information required for Preparation for Group-1,2 and 4 and other exams and also the latest reports, surveys of Telangana PSC.


Important Telangana Government Websites:


Telangana State Official Portal:

 Agriculture Department:

Finance Department:

Panchayat Raj Department:

Irrigation Department:

Education Department:

Forest Department:

Health & Family Care Department:

Telangana IT Department:

Women, Child and Disabled care:

Tourism and Culture:



Other Websites*:



NCERT Books Download PDF:

TS State Textbooks Download PDF:

Press Information Bureau:

PRS Website for Tracking Bills:

Indian Economy (Finance Ministry, India):

Ministry of Science & Technology, India:

Ministry of Forests, Environment and Climate Change,India:



Why the above sites are important?

They are important for TSPSC Preparation to get latest information, updates, surveys and reports required for Group-1, 2 and 4 and also for other exams like VRO/VRA, Panchayat Secretary, SI-Police and departmental exams etc; there are chances of asking the questions on the latest findings, reports, surveys for the examination. However we upload the documents, survey, reports related to the exam, but it is important to have a look and an idea about them.You can also get data on government schemes, its functionality and the usage.

And at last,add to your bookmarks, – which gives the latest happenings of TSPSC, Exam notifications, Study and Preparations Tips and your guide as well.


Feel free to share this info., as it may help millions of TSPSC aspirants. If you find anything interesting or something useful,please inform us!



*Government sites, NGOs  and Business Organisations.


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