Agriculture and Allied Sectors in Telangana


Economy and Development of Telangana : Agriculture and Allied Sectors:


Share of Agriculture and Allied sectors in GSDP;

Distribution of land holdings;

Dependence on Agriculture;

Irrigation- Sources of Irrigation;

Problems of Dry land Agriculture;

Agricultural credit




As we know, nearly 55.49% of the state’s population is dependent in some or the other form in Farm activity for their livelihoods.

It is essential to increase the farm income and ensure sustainable growth in Telangana to reduce poverty. The main priority is to shift the excess labour force into the other non-farm rural sectors to rural industries through skill development.

The share of Agriculture to state in 2014-15 is 9.3% at current prices.


What constitute Agriculture and its sectors?

Agriculture and allied sectors are constituted by Crop husbandry – agriculture,horticulture,livestock,forestry and fisheries sectors. The share of agriculture and its sectors are decreasing as the days passing by.

The share of livestock sector is around 1/3rd of total agriculture and allied sectors of GSDP during 2014-15.



Share of Agriculture and Allied Sectors in GSDP at Current Prices




Crop Husbandry Sector 57.7 51.8
Livestock 34.4 39.7
Forestry and Logging 5.5 5.0
Fisheries 2.4 3.5
Total Agriculture Sector 100 100
Share of Agriculture and allied sector in GSDP 18.6 17.9
Share of Animal Husbandry in GSDP 6.4 7.1


* Note: Reference year 2011-12 is taken due to Livestock Census.


Land Utilisation in Telangana:

The total land area of the state is 114.84 lakh hectares, out of which the area forest cover is 27.43 lakh hectares, constituting 23.89% of Geographical area.


Land Utilisation in Telangana (2013-14):


The Land use in various categories is mentioned below:

Area in Lakh Hectares and percentages:

Forest 27.43 23.89% 114.84 Hect.
Barren and Uncultivable Land 6.15 5.36% 114.84 Hect.
Land put to Non-Agricultural uses 8.95 7.79% 114.84 Hect.
Culturable Waste 1.78 1.55% 114.84 Hect.
Permanent Pastures and Grazing Lands 3.01 2.62% 114.84 Hect.
Misc. Tree Crops not included in Net Area Sown 1.14 0.99% 114.84 Hect.
Other Fallow Lands 7.17 6.24% 114.84 Hect.
Current Fallow Lands 9.6 8.36% 114.84 Hect.
Net Area Sown  49.61 43.2% 114.84 Hect.






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