About us


Let us Introduce you ourselves –

The Founder of our website (www.manapsc.com) is – Mr. Anupam Reddy (Blogger,Optimist, Pround Telanganite and  a Proud Indian,Civil Services Aspirant.)


We are Happy , you found us! 

In today’s world, getting a job is a great task and that too in a country like India is highly critical. As Telanganites we got our dream of Telangana and today we are enjoying it.


What about getting a government job?

Yes! It is the dream of millions but only few enjoy the fruits of getting it. It needs Patience, Dedication and a Proper Guidance. However Internet (Google Talli) is there ready for you to answer any query you have but what about preparation tips and advice’s, does it give you? No! May be your answer.


But, Manapsc is there for each and every aspirants of TSPSC-Telangana. We are there for you to guide in this aspect. We give you the best we can by providing the Study materials, Study plan (tips), Notifications (day-to-day),Results etc; and to help you out in every doubt you have.


Why ManaPSC?

Manapsc is aimed at providing guidance for TSPSC aspirants and making their dreams a reality. We guide you by providing the every move to be taken from scratch of ‘being an aspirant’ till your dream of getting a ‘real govt. job’ in Telangana state.

We started EEP (Easy Evaluation Program) for making TSPSC study easier and time-saving for the newcomers to study well in the time one has. When one feels our site as their site, then our job is done.

Mana–  (మన)

P-Pariksha (పరీక్ష)

S-Sulabam (సులబం)

C-Cheyutakai (చేయుటకై)

Get ready! Stay focused and the success will be yours.





Before anything else, Preparation is the key to success – Alexander Graham bell




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