60 Days of Action Plan- Schedule for TSPSC Group-2 Exam (November 12th&13th)

Success Mantra for TSPSC Group-2 exam 2016!



60 Days:      (ManaPSC) Action Plan & How to Crack Group-2 2016


Hi Friends, as we all know that the notification of Group-2 is released and the exam is on 12th and 13th of November,2016.

It is almost 70 days from now on ….. .

Let’s start Day 1 with September 6th 2016 and start the preparation plan with a dedication and focus on the examination. Of course, the other 1 week before the exam needs to test yourself,attempt quizzes, tests and getting ready for the exam.


These 60 days are going to be the most crucial days in your preparation and life as well,  as you are dreaming of a job that you want to live . As it is only 60 days, we don’t want to study struggling for 16-18 hours because no strategy ever like this ,made you do it to crack the examination.

It all requires – You to be focused, dedicated and plan well to do smart work for the getting what you wanted, Plan accordingly and utilise most of your manly hours of about 8-10 hours/day and all it makes about 100-150 hours for each paper.

It is very important because many aspirants started their preparation long back,  but these 100 days planned schedule leads to the success mantra.

So get ready for the battle, stay focused and follow the better way – You choose to complete the preparation part.


 “ఇది ఒక రణరంగం అనుకోండి !
గెలుపే మే ఆయుధం అవ్వాలి ..!!”


We (Manapsc.com) came up with a 60 days action plan to keep you updated in the preparation,
help you like a friend and want you to taste how the success is.


Let’s get in detail, the Group-2 exam contains 4 Papers of 150 marks each, gives a sum of 600 marks and addition of 75 marks plus for the interview.

A minimum of 110-120+ should be the aim of your preparation . Keep in mind that at least 120+ marks is what makes you play a safe game.




As Paper 1 is divided into 11 sub-topics one can expect 12-15 questions from each topic and
Paper 2,3 and 4 is divided into 3 parts each paper gives you 50 marks each.


Keep updated the syllabus, this adds a good mileage in your journey of TSPSC .
We will keep you updated with the day-to-day action plan and please ensure to follow it, if you think it supports your Preparation strategy.

One who has his/her own plan and would like to follow with it, they are most welcome, who doesn’t and want to have,  just follow our day-to-day plan and get ready to taste the success of exam.


” 2016 మే కలలను సాకారం చేయాలనీ , జీవితాన్ని సరైన దారి లో నడపాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాము ….

                          —    మీ మనపీఎస్సీ .కాం (Manapsc.com). “


Find here the detail 60 days : Day-to-Day schedule at  Manapsc Target 2016. 

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